Hajamat Trowel Double Edge Safety Razor


The Hajamat Trowel Stainless Steel 304 double edge razor is a long handle safety razor perfect for a close, comfortable shave. This razor has a long handle with patterned texture that provides extra grip while allowing for added dexterity and maneuverability when guiding the razor blade edge. Three-piece razors disassemble into three separate pieces for easy cleaning and precise blade alignment. The elegant razor box contains only the safety razor without any blades.

  • Ultra High Grade Stainless Steel 304 Handle
  • Precision Engineered Closed Comb Head (Zinc Alloy)
  • Total Weight: 82 gm, Handle Weight: 55 gm, Head Weight: 27 gm
  • Total Length: 103 mm, Handle Length: 96 mm

1 Trowel Razor in an Elegant Box (No Blades included along with the razor)

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