Hajamat Shave Care Starter Kit

Choose Brush

Everything to build your perfect Shave Care kit, right here! We've grabbed some great items for you to choose from and we've made it easy. Just build your own kit with the choices below and you will be assured of a great shave! These three items are perfect for the man (or woman) just starting out. Build your own Hajamat Shave Care Kit

  • Pick One Shaving Brush: We've loaded this brush with a unique, new fiber that truly rivals badger hair for comfort and performance. The soft bristles have a fantastic face-feel and whip up an exceptional lather. And the man-made fibers are easy to care for and long-lasting while being 

1 Shaving Brush (As per variant selected)

1 Anti Aging After Shave Balm (50 gm)

1 Moisturizing Shaving Soap (80 gm)